Is there a way to put the name in the hidden field when submitting an external form?

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태현 이

I put the form made with tally(typeform) in html.
To distinguish the name of the member, I put the name in hidden form in tally and entered the code of the lecture I watched, but it doesn't work.

After the URL, I entered a code that was created in the format where you wrote down the member's name and filled in the tallyform form.

I have to implement this function urgently, but it's not easy. Can you help me?

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
let memberName = member["name"];
        if (member.loggedIn) {
                let src = ""+ memberName;
                let tallyElement = document.getElementById("tally-memberstack");
                tallyElement.setAttribute("src", src);
                return src



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