[Wishlist] Google Login Doesn't work through iOS Instagram App

Google Login Doesn't work through iOS Instagram App. When I'm trying to log into my website via Google Login while on Instagram's App web view, it shows an error,  'You can't sign in from this Screen because this app doesn't comply with Google's secure browsers policy'.



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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    More details from another user:

    "Everything works perfectly on chrome and laptop, but on mobile, when you click the link from the LinkedIn app, and try to login/signup, this message that shows

    I think it comes from the LinkedIn mobile browser (the same when you want to go on a link from your phone through instagram for example). What's weird is that it says that it's something to fix on our (me and memberstack)

    (also checked with the mobile intagram browser, and it works. The linkedin one is the problem)".

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    Duncan Hamra

    Making a note of this for next quarter. Thanks, Chukwudi 🙏


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