Verify Memberstack JWT Token Planned

Hi there,

I'm researching whether Memberstack is a viable option for a new project. Most things seem to be great, however I was wondering about the JWT verification warning that is in the Memberstack Admin Node package documentation. It is a bit confusing to me that there is documentation describing how I could verify a JWT with Memberstack from my own server, but a warning is displayed that it won't work. The previous time someone asked on this forum, no real answer was given. So, is this currently a possibility? 

Please let me know, as this will be a dealbreaker for me if it does not work.

Thanks in advance,



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    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey Mathias 👋

    I'm checking with the team know. I should to have an answer for you by EOD tomorrow. 

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    Josh Lopez

    Hello Mathias Meuleman 👋
    The JWT verification can be done with the Node.js version of the Admin Package. The warning is to let users know that they cannot verify JWT with the REST version.

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    Mathias Meuleman

    Hi Duncan and Josh,

    Thanks for being so quick to respond. Interesting design choice, but you'll have your reasons for it. This at least helps me, so many thanks.


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