Adding a character counter to the Edit JSON Object modal Planned

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John Matias

Question: Tyler Bell do you think it would be possible to add a character counter to the Edit JSON Object modal in the dashboard? Also, what happens if we hit that cap? Any alerts or messages? Will it just truncate somehow? And lastly, do you have any plans to extend this cap in the future - maybe even through a paid upgrade option?


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    Hope you’re doing well 😁 I will answer what I can here.

    That’s a great suggestion on the character counter. Hopefully Tyler has some time to add this. If he doesn’t, I’ll add it to our Product Wishlist as I know he has a lot on his plate.

    I did some testing and it looks like it just stops from adding after the 1MB limit.

    Also if you need more complicated JSON you could connect a database to Memberstack. Some options are:

    • SQL
    • NoSQL
    • Redis

    and a variety of BaaS solutions like Firebase, Supabase, Appwrite, and more.
    I grabbed those from this article you can check out:

    Also Tyler Bell I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but a weird bug on my end trying to edit JSON? Where I click isn’t where I can start typing? Here’s the loom.


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