April 2023 - Progress Report ūüéČ Completed

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Monday, April 3rd 2023

  • Member Import Improvements¬†(still a WIP)¬†
  • Worked with Dev Ops to add redundancy to our production API‚Äôs.¬†
  1. all prod api’s run two instances at all times.
  2. aws automatically load balances between them
  3. if one crashes for any reason, traffic will be redirected to the remaining instance while the other restarts.
  • member delete all improvements¬†
  • fixed an issue where member.deleted events weren‚Äôt firing¬†when deleted via multi-select¬†
  • Simplified our Apollo Client to avoid switching between live and test mode for queries¬†
  • Fixed members page mode switching bug¬†
  • Started working on Member Metrics UI by building out the Calendar UI¬†
  • Record¬†commenting tutorial video part 1¬†(how to bulk update Webflow CMS IDs).¬†
  • Released¬†new login cloneable¬†
  • Worked on really nice new subscription site template - making a nice ‚Äúdifferent‚ÄĚ look to show people that these templates are made to be adapted to any appearance -¬†heres a preview¬†
Tuesday, April 4th 2023
  • Record passwordless login¬†tutorial¬†and write passwordless login¬†article¬†
  • Finishing up the member import speed improvements and the switch from Flatfile to Csvbox.¬†
  1. Also integrating websockets for real-time progress updates. 
  • Finished building DatePicker component¬†
  • Worked on building the Line Chart component¬†
  • Start visualizing Team Accounts.¬†
  • Made new concurrent logins solution, video, and¬†clonable¬†
  • Made a ‚Äúdont redirect‚ÄĚ solution, video, and¬†clonable¬†
  • Release a new passwordless component to the showcase¬†link¬†
  • Released¬†new pricing table¬†
Wednesday, April 5th 2023
  • Worked on Members Metrics¬†
  • Prepared import members project for release¬†
  • Record commenting tutorial video -¬†Youtube
  • Update plan documentation now that plan logic exists.¬†
  • Finish cleaning up the¬†form ui kit¬†(and add explainers)¬†
  • Visualize Team Accounts¬†
  • Start exploring UI for Stripe Settings¬†
  • Uploaded all¬†components
  • Uploaded all¬†templates
  • Made solution to have a cool toggle while still using webflow tabs¬†¬†For pricing tables -¬†Clonable
Thursday, April 6th 2023
  1. 100% off for Webflow community projects hosted on .webflow.io domains
Monday, April 10th 2023
  • Fixed the issue where creating a member via the dashboard added a date to the last login field¬†
  • Worked on Member chart (image)¬†
  • Updated our websocket code to be more scaleable¬†
  • Not in production yet, but added a ‚ÄúMember Import In Progress‚ÄĚ indicator to members page. This allows a user to see if an import is processing without first clicking on the import modal.¬†
  • Started on very simple-first designs for Public Profiles¬†
  • Add our startup discount to¬†YC Deals¬†
  • Release a form UI subclone¬†link¬†
  • Added new stuff to the¬†form UI kit¬†
  • Published¬†new component¬†
Tuesday, April 11th 2023
Wednesday, April 12th 2023
  • Released member metrics¬†
  • Worked more on update email via admin api functionality¬†
  • Updated the DOM docs¬†
  1. tested every single function we had listed in the docs
  • made a bunch of changes
  • fixed a bunch of out dated sections¬†
  2. added documentation for methods that were not listed
  • passwordless
  • auth providers
  • etc.
  • Upgraded our queue manager to the newest version that was just released¬†
  • ¬†¬†¬†‚ó¶ it was fine before but is even better now (member imports, exports, app free changes, delete all members, etc.)
  • Added member import progress/notification¬†
  • Setup¬†GA 4 User IDs¬†with Memberstack¬†
  • Created Initial Designs for Public Profiles¬†
  • Finish/document/release another cloneable -¬†date input¬†
  • Released new¬†dashboard cloneable¬†
Thursday, April 13th 2023
  • Update the¬†Admin package docs¬†
  • Design improvements to the Installation UI in the dashboard¬†
  • Updating Designs for Public Profiles based on feedback.¬†
  • Updating Stripe Settings Designs.¬†
  • Design/spec¬†abandoned cart improvements¬†in the Roadmap¬†
  • reviewing and updating¬†blog¬†posts¬†
  • Add new stuff to the¬†Ultimate Form UI Kit¬†
  • Released¬†new¬†signup form¬†
  • Released a new¬†dashboard¬†
Monday, April 17th 2023
  • Limit the number of members in a plan - Backend and front-end dev¬†
  • Started adding the admin package to gitbook (it has AI built right in)¬†
  • Backend dev for the Secure CMS¬†¬†
  • Improve the¬†Ultimate Form UI Kit¬†
  • Release another form cloneable¬†toggle switches¬†
Tuesday, April 18th 2023
  • Add the dom package to¬†gitbook¬†
  • Changed the way data is stored in the front-end (See thread)¬†
  • Dashboard UI/UX improvements¬†
  1. Auto-save hCaptcha and Concurrent Logins on ‚Äúconfirm‚Ä̬†
  2. Update plan intervals in the edit members UI 
  3. Make redirect ‚Äú/‚ÄĚs more consistent in the UI¬†
  4. Remove data-ms-price:update if one-time paid price 
  5. Fix the scroll issue when editing a price 
  6. Hide the ‚ÄúExpiration‚ÄĚ option if paid recurring. Keep expiration if one time¬†
Wednesday, April 19th 2023
  • Work on improving the attribute installation UI in the dashboard
  • Add a domain to our new¬†developer documentation¬†and start updating links in the help center
  1. Add to Commandbar so customers can search the dev docs from the app
Thursday, April 20th 2023 (and some before)
  • Updating installation UI in the dashboard¬†
  • Secure Content¬†
  1. backend is 95% done
  • Overhauled the¬†developer docs¬†
  • Added member json to the admin member update response¬†
  • Added a new verify-token route to the admin API.¬†
  1. This allows developers to use that route to verify our tokens. Will save them a lot of time VS trying to verify themselves
  • Added plan member limit functionality¬†
  • Dashboard test cases¬†
  • Lots of backend test cases¬†
  • Fixed a few issues that was causing memberstack to error our in server side rendered applications.¬†
  • Worked with Porter to implement a better deploy strategy for our worker apps¬†
  • Fixed an issue where some users that signed up via google would break the dashboard (if they didn‚Äôt have a name set in google)¬†
  • Fixed an issue with our rate limiter that was causing some test cases to fail¬†
  • Fixed an issue where zendesk was being updated even in the dev environment¬†
  • Improved our domain feature. Memberstack now makes a request to their domain to determine the actual domain.¬†
  • Fixed an issue where the plans property was required in the dom library even if the user didn‚Äôt have any plans. Now they don‚Äôt need to pass it at all.¬†
  • Fixed an issue where closing a MS modal would cause an error in the console¬†
  • Worked an automation script that can deploy our packages in a single command. A single command now: increments the dom library version, publishes the dom package, installs the newly published dom package in the react package, increments the react package, publishes the react package.¬†
  • Release another form ui subclone¬†draggable¬†
  • Released new¬†component¬†
  • Released new¬†component¬†
Monday, April 24th 2023
  • Iterate on Public Profiles designs based on feedback¬†
  • Started front-end for Secure Content¬†
  • Back-end test cases for Secure Content¬†
  • Figured out solution for auto refetching cms items¬†
  • Dashboard test cases¬†
  • Fixed bug related to Plans & Permissions¬†
  • Add to the Ultimate Form UI Kit -¬†range sliders¬†
  • Launched new¬†template¬†
Tuesday, April 25th 2023
  • Continued building the UI for the Secure Content feature¬†
  • More progress on the backend for secure content¬†
  • Dashboard test cases¬†
  • Started working on new designs for a Webflow CMS integration¬†
  • Release a sub-clone¬†copy input¬†
  • Started, finished, and launched a really, really cool¬†AI template¬†
Wednesday, April 26th 2023
Thursday, April 27th 2023



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