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Peter Ronhovde

I have three membership opportunities planned, unfortunately independent of each other. For clarity, Patreon, YouTube community, and of course direct memberships through Memberstack 2.0 on my own upcoming Webflow / Memberstack 2.0 website. First I want to allow all three membership options, so users have more choice in deciding which platform they favor or trust.

My question/issue is this (as a brand new Memberstack and Webflow user). I want my website gated content to reflect and honor membership from each platform, but I can't exactly ask them to pay twice.

I've looked around the forum for a few hours and haven't seen an answer that I recognize as such. My initial thought based on what I've learned so far is to create hidden (if possible) free membership categories where I use an automation to assign external paid members and given them gated access to content at a similar level as my local paid Memberstack members.

I'd have to come up with some kind of automated sync system, but that is a future step of the problem for now.

However, I don't want to go about it in a clunky manner. Is such a thing possible, and would this be the best way to accomplish the task? Am I overcomplicating something more easily solved another way?

Thanks for your time.


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Peter 👋

    That all makes sense. I agree with your suggestion to setup an automation that creates a members in Memberstack when a membership is created in Youtube or Patreon 👍

    If those other tools don't have such automations then you will need to manually create and remove the members from Memberstack 🤔 

    Which means it might be better for you to focus in on just one platform and direct all traffic there instead of trying to maintain 3 separate communities. That last part is just 2 cents, so it's ultimately up to you to make that decision.


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