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Is there a way to get only the “Manage subscription” link without allowing them update anything else.



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    John Matias

    Hey Duncan Hamra
    I think Connor's question here sort of aligns with my question about recreating the profile modal.

    Do you have a template or set of components that I could use to set up a custom profile page(s) that would match the profile modal?

    I'm thinking of finally switching from using the profile modal to a custom page but I'm not seeing something that matches exactly what is in the modal.

    I see components and templates for the General Info (Profile), Password & Email forms (Security), and the Stripe customer portal but I'm not sure how I would go about recreating the section to list all of the Free plans associated with a member.

    It would be really helpful if there was a template that we could use that would identically match what is included and displayed in the Profile modal so that we could then start there and customize only the things we need to on an incremental basis.

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    Julian Galluzzo

    I think the attribute data-ms-action=customer-portal is what you’re after if I’m understanding right

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    Duncan Hamra

    +1 to what Julian said. Assuming you’re trying to launch the Stripe portal without the profile UI. Article with more details here
    And John I think you’re right too.

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    Connor Finlayson

    this worked 👍

    would still be great to customize this modal though. for example I still want to allow them to update email or change password, but not change their custom field or view their plans from there

    not urgent though


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