[Wishlist] Adding a reload function so Memberstack automatically updates member data for Zapier's login-redirect Not planned

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It takes Zapier a bit of time before it fills in the login-redirect. But when the member is taken to the page after signup Memberstack hasnt been updated because zapier updates later. We also don’t automatically update the member data if its changed so we have to rely on a page refresh or a redirect to get the new member data. - Louis

A Memberstack reload function would help with this in the future, but this is a big project according to our devs

Workaround: There’s a could be ways around this. You could have an in-between page that waits a little before redirecting the user to the app or the dashboard where the button would work. Sending a member to /creating and having a loader on the page that lets the member know the new app page is being built and then after a couple seconds redirect them to the app of the dashboard would work. 


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    Also adding some code written by Chukwudi in case someone else wants to try this code: 

    refresh the page dynamically is to add the code snippet below before the </body> tag on the dashboard page

    window.onload = function() {
    const previousUrl = document.referrer;
    if (previousUrl.includes('sign-up') || previousUrl.includes('log-in')) {



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