[Wishlist] Being able to update a user's Stripe's paid subscription_id via API / Zapier Not planned

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Currently the only way to update a user's subscription_id is by adding them via Import csv. 

I would like to be able to edit the subscription_id via Zapier, or API

The friction is higher with Memberstack's Stripe checkout page, 

Regarding paperform, we went with it for 2 reasons: 
1) Conditional form logic. We only want to display certain form elements/payment element when applying users match a certain criteria 
2) Embedded checkout. We were thinking about building it out in webflow using something like flowy and then using the native memberstack checkout. However, memberstack checkout goes directly through stripe checkout which we felt created too much friction/complexity. Paperform allows the user to input their billing info without needing to go to a completely separate checkout window 

Current user flow: 

1) User applies through paperform 
2) We collect payment and billing information from customer 
3) Customer with attached billing info is created in stripe
4) Member created in memberstack with no billing info
If we were to create a stripe customer through the memberstack dashboard, it would create a duplicate customer in stripe without billing info associated. Now we'd have 2 customers in stripe under the same email - one with billing and one without. Stripe doesn't let you merge. 
In the import of a user, there is possibility to associate a stripe customer id with an existing memberstack user. We have the memberstack member id and we have the stripe customer id with associated billing, however, the stripe customer id field is not exposed in the API. 
It seems like it's technically possible but the stripe customer id field just isn't exposed for access to the api.



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