[Wishlist] One-time Payments with a Coupon have Higher Transaction Fees Planned

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Stripe charges one-time payments with a higher transaction fee with a coupon. 

I just did a test buy on my live site and applied a promo code to my purchase. It seems like the memberstack 4% fee was applied to the full price and not the actual discounted price. Doesnt Memberstack work with promo codes?
So far it happened to two different purchases - both with a coupon code - but we were just testing this with our team on our live site because we want to launch a campaign with a coupon code.

Unfortunately that's something we'll need more time to look at from our dev team. Any updates will be added here. 


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    Duncan Hamra

    We are actively looking for a solution 👍

    (Future readers, please leave a comment if this issue effects you. We can issue refund for any extra fees.)


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