[Wishlist] Payment integration: GoCardless or VivaWallet Answered

We are from the legal cannabis industry selling only digital products but using Stripe is not possible because they always will close our account to receive payments.

The payment provider GoCardless is perfect for direct debit
Or the payment provider VivaWallet:
Please add these gateways so we can use your software.
Best regards



  • Comment author
    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Alexander (via Chukwudi 😁)

    Thanks for taking time to explain the situation. We've super closely integrated our product with Stripe, so to be 100% transparent, it's unlikely we will add support for any non-Stripe payment methods. 

    I imagine this is disappointing/frustrating to hear, but I want to be upfront so you know what to expect. And I will certainly let you know if anything changes. 

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    Alexander Arndt
    • Edited

    Hi Duncan, can you ask Stripe to whitelist our domain / project so we can use your software and accept payments? Our website will serve as a non-profit cannabis association that wants to accept payments online for its members. We don't sell any physical products, we already have over 1.000 pending members with a monthly cashflow over 50k. So imagining that Stripe will block everything one day would be upsetting.


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