Plan creation & price modification on Memberstack dashboard Answered

After creating the price, I have the drop-down list about including taxes while I edit it. But the dropdown display suggests that a value is selected by default : No (Final Price is $ 0 plus tax).  This is very confusing because I thought the option was already selected.  And if I click on save with the option displayed in the dropdown by default, it doesn't consider the No (Final Price is $ 0 plus tax). Actually to have this option activated, I need to unselect it, then reselect it within the dropdown, and then save it. This is very confusing. You should have an empty dropdown to suggest that nothing is actually selected and the system is waiting for a user selection. (And by the way, why don't you provide the option of taxes within the creation of the price ? It's only displayed on the edition.) Now I understand that I need to unselect then select the option, it works :) You should definitely improve the ergonomics of this selection!


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    Duncan Hamra

    Agreed! Let me pass this along to engineering 🙏


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