Option to change out loading page spin thing after sign up before Stripe checkout Answered

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I would like to avoid the bad UX that results when the user signs up and we’re waiting for the stripe page to load?

Right now it just shows the spinner and the form they just submitted…is there any way to solve that, so that it goes to a loading screen…or really anything besides the form they just submitted.

Loom here for show and tell: https://www.loom.com/share/f81c93d7c1af46abb75b22a3c5b7dc50


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    Duncan Hamra
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    Good news, I think there's an easy fix for this. 

    You can override the loader with your own custom loader. Following that article and place the custom loader on any page that could launch Stripe.

    You can use that to create the appearance of a loading screen. 

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