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Ollie Law

I'm working on setting up 2.0 for a client and just read something a little concerning.

Referencing this article: https://docs.memberstack.com/hc/en-us/articles/7406222866459-Creating-a-Pricing-Table-in-Webflow 

At the bottom, it says

If someone cancels their plan or fails to make a payment they will essentially become a free member. In order to restore access to their premium content they will need to renew their subscription or update their payment information. 

This confuses me. If we're allow 'free' accounts to access the same materials as subscribed, then this comment tells me you could essentially cancel your plan and still have the same access?

How do we stop users from seeing gated content if they cancel or fail a payment?



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    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey Ollie 👋

    Thank you for posting this question. I'll update the original post to be more clear. 

    When the customers is "downgraded" they lose access to any paid content. They will only retain access to content which is "accessible to ALL members." And this content is entirely based on your settings. 

    You can give access to "All members" using gated content. If you don't have this setup, then members with failed payments will lose access to everything. 


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