Retrieving member plans in Webflow Answered

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Jan Löhrmann


I want to show the list of plans, which the member purchased (as I (mis-) use the plan in Memberstack for one-time payments of individual digital products). How can 1) I access the list of plans per member and 2) name each item after the plan-name and 3) link to the gated content of that plan?


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Jan 👋 Great question. 

    What you want to do is possible, but the solution is a different than you described. 

    I recommend creating a dashboard page which has links to every piece of gated content on your site. Then, you can use Memberstack's gated content attributes to automatically show/hide those elements based on the member's plan. 

    The section called "Show content if logged in with a plan" is what you're looking for


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