[Wishlist] Memberstack/Auth0 integration for SSO with Zendesk Gather Not planned

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Chukwudi Onyekwere

I'm having an issue with Memberstack/Auth0 integration for SSO with Zendesk Gather.

I recently set up a Memberstack custom social connection with Auth0 and linked it to Zendesk Gather to enable single sign-on (SSO) for our users. However, I'm experiencing an issue with the user's name being sent from Memberstack to Zendesk Gather.

Specifically, when a user logs in through SSO using their Memberstack credentials, their email address is being sent to the "name" field in their Zendesk profile instead of their actual name. For example, if a user named John with email address test@gmail.com logs in, their Zendesk profile shows "test" instead of "John" in the name field.
I tried modifying the JSON to match Zendesk's JSON format but it hasn't worked for me.

Anyone have an Idea how I can resolve this issue and ensure that the correct user's name is being sent to Zendesk Gather from Memberstack via Auth0?


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    Duncan Hamra

    Nicolas Scott Do you know what might be causing this issue? Or know what questions we should be asking here?


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