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Jason Hebert

I can't seem to find much documentation on how to work with different plans in member stack.   

How do you give access to the gated content on the different plans?     Having a bunch of links to things the client can't even see doesn't make any sense.


The only thing I can think of is to have a different dashboard based on the plan

so you'd have plan A that has a dashboard with links to the content they can access then  a separate dashboard for plan B and so on.

Unless there's a way to add a menu that changes based on what plan the user is on.     Maybe I just don't understand how to work with plans.

Basically I'm creating an employee dashboard that has different content based on what store location they work at.     It seems like such a simple situation,  I created a plan for each location and I have a folder that's gated for each location in Webflow so.   Folder A is linked to Plan A and Folder B is located to Plan B ( I got about 12 of them).   I"m just trying to have it so when you login you're taken to a dashboard where you can only access what's in your plan.


Seems like this should be the default on how this works but I'm completely lost and honestly I find memberstacks documentation to be very light.


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    Hello Jason :) 

    Happy to hear from you! 

    Hm okay, are you able to start a support chat and click on the bubble on the bottom right hand corner? I'm gonna have to take a look at your website and see what's going on so I can give you more specific steps. 



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