February 2023 - Progress Report ūüéČ Completed

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Wednesday, Feb 1st 2023

  • Fixed JWT verification issue in Next.js and updated docs in the Next.js guide (didn't require any admin package updates, it was a Next.js update)
  • Updated Auth0 SSO docs
  • Re-did the article for¬†sites with free and paid plans¬†(new video + article)
  • Worked on the new onboarding tour/checklist (25% done)
  • Worked more on the error/success translation feature (50% done)
  • Released the new getting started page + metrics
  • Started dev on a feature to manually verify members' emails in the dashboard
  • Started dev on a feature to create multiple custom fields at once

Thursday, Feb 2nd and Friday, Feb 3rd 2023

  • Create¬†unstyled components¬†for the checkboxes, radio buttons, select, and text areas. All with the proper data attributes.
  • Finished the error/success message translation feature!!!¬†¬†
  • well kinda‚Ķ still need to do ALOT of testing to ensure everything is still working properly
  • Iterating on Member metrics on the Members page.
  • Designing ‚ÄėPlan not found‚Äô state.
  • Built out Verify members email feature
  • Fixed (Hide Prebuilt UI Bug)
  • Fixed plans page scroll bug
  • Reviewed react bug and attempted reproduction
  • Debugged and fixed an email verification edge case bug

Monday, Feb 6th

  • Setup a status page (https://status.memberstack.com/)
  • Thoroughly tested the translation feature.
  • Debugged an issue that was causing the¬†paid-plans¬†attribute to sometimes not work.
  • Fixed and pending release released
  • Added¬†planId¬†to the¬†member.plan.canceled¬†webhook data.
  • Pending release
  • Worked on the Translations page in the dashboard
  • Worked on the ability to add multiple custom fields in the dashboard
  • Reworking the Auto Open Checkout custom code
  • Added a global redirect for the old circle community domain to see if anyone notices¬†
  • More new¬†documentation

Tuesday, Feb 7th 2023

  • Deployed translation feature¬†#announcements
  • Deployed feature for creating Multiple Custom fields at once
  • Started working on the backend for a Webflow app
  • Reworked Auto Open Checkout feature
  • Studied Zapier platform docs for making templates
  • Refactored some previously published code snippets that had errors & re-recorded looms
  • Finishing touches on the first Job Board Template

Wednesday, Feb 8th and Thursday, Feb 9th 2023

  • Launched a new¬†Job Board UI Kit!
  • Codebase clean up
  • Started working on dev for new pricing page
  • Intro to 2.0 API & fetching currently logged-in member
  • Nearly finished code for¬†bulk update member custom fields, JSON and metadata
  • Webflow app dev
  • 3 new help center articles
  • Uploaded 9 new¬†components
  • Pretty much finished up the backend for the webflow app
  • Fixed a bug with email verification redirects
  • Recording new videos for help center articles and code snippets
  • Codebase clean up (improving icon imports and removing unused SVGs)
  • Updated/released 5 new help center articles

Friday, Feb 10th 2023

Monday, Feb 13th 2023

  • Made updates to the webflow app
  • More progress on the¬†member event log
  • Worked on Building out UI for Pricing page
  • Follow up with Make to see if they can review the app
  • Ask Zapier to change the app name to Memberstack 2.0 (so it‚Äôs easier to find)
  • Working on adding a 2.0 link to every 1.0 help center article (Example)
  • Migrating the most popular forum posts into the new¬†Zendesk community
  • Recorded a new video for the Job Board UI Kit

Tuesday, Feb 14th 2023

Wednesday, Feb 15th 2023

  • Test cases & package improvements
  • Finish and release the onboarding checklist -¬†showcase link
  • Released new subclone for job board UI -¬†Webflow Rich Text to CMS
  • Started custom code for ‚Äúsaving member email field when navigating between auth forms‚ÄĚ
  • Finished¬†research + pseudo code¬†for image uploads w/ firebase
  • Create some custom code to ‚Äúblock‚ÄĚ certain email domains during signup¬†article
  • Coordinate with team to get more support hours in the 2.0 slack (getting behind¬†)
  • Implement plan to add keywords to labels in ZD articles to improve search results
  • Started adding Signups chart to Getting Started page
  • Updating Event Log designs based on feedback
  • Worked on the¬†dribbble clone¬†version of the¬†job board UI kit

Thursday, Feb 16th + Friday, Feb 17th + Monday, Feb 20th 2023

  • Added the new cancel subscriptions immediately¬†setting to the dashboard
  • Added the ‚Äúconnected with‚ÄĚ section to the dashboard¬†#announcements¬†
  • Released script for¬†Bulk Updating Members¬†with the Admin API.¬†
  • Created initial designs for Plan Logic (see image)¬†
  • Released new¬†dashboard cloneable¬†
  • Released several other¬†cloneables¬†¬†
  • Setup team ChatGPT account
  • Worked on / released backend functionality for member events.¬†
  • Did one final scaleability test. We plan to retain data for 1 year (exactly what Stripe does)
  • Will go live when the front-end is ready
  • Created a member event testing script that created 11 million random events.
    • used it to determine what the best postgres indexes are. Wanted to figure that out before it became a problem
      • We can now query 11 million events in about 30 milliseconds¬†¬†And that‚Äôs on the slow testing DB too.
  • Created a script that can ‚Äúbackfill‚ÄĚ member signups into the event log.
    • This means all members, even those created in the past, will have a ‚Äúmember.created‚ÄĚ event in the event log
  • Submitted several Zapier templates for review
  • Working on code to¬†block access after x page views (w/ member plans)¬†
  • Working on code to¬†block access after x seconds (with member plans)¬†
  • Working on code to auto open checkout w/ loom (for review)
  • Improved deploy time and performance¬†
  • Redid error handling logic to include better data in bugsnag¬†
  • Fixed a bug where logging out via the profile modal would break

Tuesday, Feb 21st 2023

  • Worked on the disable concurrent login feature (Will most likely push live Wednesday)¬†
  • Worked on a free trial improvement so that a member can only have 1 free trial (will push live Thursday)¬†
  • Updated billing portal to display payment history for one time payments¬†
  • More work done on the webflow app¬†
  • Sprint 4 Roadmapping call¬†
  • 40 more forum redirects (up to 150 total)
  • Added 30 more 2.0 links in¬†1.0 articles.¬†
  • Completed the UI for Pricing page (pending backend updates before it can be released)
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the Report overview to break for new users¬†
  • Released new¬†cloneable dashboard¬†
  • Released new¬†subcloneable

Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2023

  • Release¬†Disable Concurrent logins¬†feature¬†
  • Release an improvement to the way free trials are handled¬†
  • Released code snippet & loom for¬†prefilling a user's email from a link¬†
  • Work on code for limiting # of form submissions / button clicks¬†
  • Started work on webflow app front-end¬†¬†
  • Design spec call for passwordless logins, plan logic, the event log, and file uploads.¬†
  • 38 more 2.0 links in 1.0 articles (down to 100 left).
Thursday, Feb 23rd 2023 & Friday, Feb 24th 2023

Monday, Feb 27th 2023
Tuesday, Feb 28th 2023
  • Working on the Webflow app¬†
  • Finished code snippet for¬†limiting form submissions¬†
  • Finished core logic for image uploads¬†
  • Finished adding links to 1.0 articles. If you find a 1.0 article there is a link to the equivalent 2.0 article¬†
  • Uploaded¬†job board speedrun¬†to Youtube¬†
  • Shared new¬†dashboard cloneable¬†



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