Update Memberstack through a Webflow ecommerce form Answered

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Danial Abbasi

Hi, does anyone know how to enable a checkout form to also update a user’s profile in memberstack when it is submitted?

For example, when a user submits an ecommerce order, he enters his shipping address in the checkout form.

I’d like to update the user’s address in his memberstack profile with the address used in the checkout form.

Normally one would use ‘ms-update=“profile”’ and ‘ms-field=Address’ or something of that sort, but that does not work on “Checkout Forms” on webflow for some reason (checkout forms seem to be a different species of forms than normal forms).

Anyone have any ideas or insights?



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Danial, great Q!

    You could use our Zapier or Make integrations to send the new address to Memberstack after checkout.

    Do you have a Zapier/Make account?

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    Danial Abbasi

    I do, and I think that will work.

    Thank you!


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