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Hi, I’m a complete newbie to Memberstack and this is my first post πŸ™‚

I’ ve been using Webflow for 6 months and love it. I’m hoping to rebuild an existing Joomla member site with Webflow, but need to add the following features. I need to know if memberstack is suitable for this:

  1. User login
  2. User pays for membership to the site
  3. User can reset his lost password
  4. Can access gated content, which is a library of PDFs organised into folders
  5. Different users can have different permissions, but the price they pay might be the same.
  6. I want to embed an existing quiz that is built in PHP and runs on an existing joomla site. Could this be recreated in webflow/memberstack or another platform and exposed to logged in members
  7. Allow members to book + pay for an annual conference
  8. Manage their profile
  9. Receive notification for membership renewal > login and pay
  10. Update their personal details, like name, address, email, contact details
  11. Can I import existing users from Joomla, together with their exisitng passwords so they don’t need to reset?

I did see something on a memberstack sales video that I could arrange a one-2-one with a webflow consultant (employee) to talk through my project, but all roads seem to lead to self-help, like this forum. I really hope someone can help me to understand if the webflow+memberstack is a good fit for my requirements.

Many thanks!



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    Josh Lopez

    Welcome Phil πŸ‘‹

    All your requirements are possible! The only possible issue I see would be #11. Currently, you have the ability to import free members only. A workaround for this would be to add all members with CSV import and then direct them to a page with choices to upgrade their membership. If you would like to get on a call sometime next week let me know and I will private message you a link. πŸ˜€

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    Phil Holt

    Many thanks Josh - appreciate your help. Yes, a call would be great.

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    Ramkumar T

    [Posting for user Jess]
    I am like Phil. I would love to try and get on a call with someone this week to discuss my project and ensure Memberstack is the right the solution. Would love to talk with someone live and in real time with my CTO. @Josh-Lopez @DuncanHamra

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    Josh Lopez

    Hey Jess πŸ‘‹

    Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! 🀠

    Feel free to add yourself to my schedule 7! I would love to have a chat. πŸ˜ƒ


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