Redirect a member from the signup form to the login form Answered

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Rafael Leon

Hey there! 

How can I redirect a member from the signup form to the login form? Currently when someone who already has an account fills the form in the landing page it says "email has already been taken", so I want to redirect them to the login form when that happens. How can I do that?




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    Josh Lopez

    Hey Rafael! This would take some custom code. To do this you would need to use the DOM package to login members and based on the response do the redirect.

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    John Ramos

    Is there a way to not have a page redirect when a user fills out a member form, and for the form to just show the form success message?

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    Abdullateef Ademoye

    you might need to submit the form to a webhook to update member through javascript then and handle the response you desire.

    Or catch some memberstack JS events for that.


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