[Wishlist] Need a way to view (and display) expiry dates on time-limited memberships Planned

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Al Mazlin

I have one-time memberships that expire after a set time (12 months, 24 months, etc).

There currently does not seem to be a way for either admin (me) or customers to view when their membership will expire (unlike a renewing subscription). Stripe doesn't know this stuff, so the customer portal is no use here. There needs to be a way for MS to display this information. Ideally a data attribute, but even just in the UI for admin use. 

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? If you're a teacher planning a class, it's good to know that the material you want to use will be accessible when you need it. 

If you're a website admin (me), you want to be able to see when a customer's membership is going to expire, if they should happen to ask. 

WORKAROUND: The only workaround I see is to put a meaningful description in the price name, and then look it all up in Stripe. See when they purchased, see what the price name was, do the math. The customer can do the same with their receipt (provided a meaningful price name was used). 



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