[Wishlist] Get Stripe to use price name rather than plan name Planned

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Al Mazlin

When setting different price points for a single plan (e.g., 2 year membership, 3 year membership, "mates-rates" membership, etc) there is no way to tell which price point you're purchasing when you get to the Stripe-hosted checkout. All price points will just use the plan name in the UI.

This could cause customers to have a little panic at checkout (they might think they have the wrong plan, they're not getting the discount they expected, etc). It also means that price variant information doesn't show up in receipts (they can't tell they've purchased a 3 year membership, not just a 1 year membership). 

Can we somehow get the PRICE name (or similar) into Stripe checkout / receipts / invoices etc? 


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    Duncan Hamra

    I'm checking with the team on this one. Thank you for explaining why this feature is important to you 👍


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