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Duncan Hamra

[Migrated from an old community forum]

I have Memberstack working with my webflow site for people to Join and subscribe. However with their subscription payment each month they should get access to a Telegram & Slack chat with other subscribed members.

On telegram I have found a number of 3rd party applications that allow me to setup recurring payments but this is just for telegram and I don’t want the users separated between ones that signed up via my website versus those that joined via the chat channels.

I have found similar websites that manage this by sending an email on sign up with an invite link for the group chat. But I think I need a better understanding of how this is managed, how to ensure only those who are meant to see the group get the access, and if their payments stop how to suspend their access.

Any workaround for this?


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    Tyler Bell

    My first thought would be to use Zapier to automatically invite a user to Slack and Telegram when they signup on your site. Right now that’s 100% possible with Slack, but Telegram doesn’t have a Zapier app yet. I do see where Telegram does have an API, so there’s a chance you could still get that to work.

    Another option that may be easier is to use Integromat. It appears that they do have a native Telegram APP (https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/telegram 7).

    The workflow would be something like this.

    1. User signups on your site
    2. MemberStack sends your Integromat account a new member webhook.
    3. Integromat invites user in slack and telegram

    We even have a membership canceled trigger that you could use to revoke access in Slack and telegram. Assuming, they both allow for that to be automated.


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