Is Memberstack able to authenticate in a native (Kotlin/Java) Android app

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James Nicol

Hey guys, wondering if I can ask a quick question - In addition to web/browser sessions, is Memberstack able to authenticate in a native (Kotlin/Java) Android app?

Use case is that we will have a number of large format Android tablets in a care environment and we have an app on there that will use memberstack for member management, primary use cases are entertainment, communication and interactive purposes and want to be able to use facial ID to recognise different individuals as the get their to their allotted time slot i.e. James will use device from 9-10am and Duncan from 10-11am etc - When the user arrives at the device, there will be a button that invites them or their carer to [login] (phase 2, we'll have a looking glass to frame their face)

You have any similar use cases in play right now with Android or iOS triggering an Auth request?


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    Nicolas Scott

    Yea currently Memberstack needs a web browser for auth and sessions and optionally a nodeJS env to support admin package (which does not have the ability to create sessions)

    Your best option is using a webview for sign in / signup, and passing the access token along with member info back to the device.

    May even help to pass the device ID into the webview so that when a member signs up, you can persist them in a DB and associate them with a device.

    On the native side, with access token now available, you can make http requests with the token in headers to:

    • Our client REST APIs, you'll likely need to test some methods in the browser and inspect the network requests to see what headers and payloads our client API expects.
    • A server. Then you can use our admin API package to verify the token and make sure it isn't expired

    If the token is expired, you can return a 401 back which will tell your native app to redirect the user back to the login webview.

    I have no idea how java, kotlin or swift envs work. But I have experimented by using Memberstack + webviews in a react native app before.


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