[Wishlist] Allow creators to create their own membership plans

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Memberstack Team

[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

Like Onlyfans could we please allow creators on a site to make their own membership plans for their customers including subscriptions or setting pricing for individual products?



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    Dmitry Ratnikov
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    That would be awesome to sell custom price subscription and not only. I'm currently using Memberstack for real estate booking, simply because Memberstack allows me to create much more streamlined user experience for Webflow(and also avoiding the Webflow 20k user limit), with social logins and proper custom links for the unique profile urls and redirection.
    So Memberstack is actually already Much More than just memberships. So that would be and intermediate step to allow selling services and digital products with custom prices.

    Stripe already has a model for custom prices, so even with my little JS knowledge it seems that can be very easy for you to allow the price model selection and then simply parse the price from the input field, a calculator or any other dynamic field and input into «price customer enters». Do you think this is something that can be on the roadmap?

    See the pic below

    I even found a code written for that here 

    So it seems its just a matter of allowing Memberstack users to select the custom price model for the plans.

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    Duncan Hamra

    Thank you for this! I'll pass it along to the engineering team and follow up if I hear something positive 🤞


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