[Wishlist] Be able to update columns in a CSV import Not planned

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Memberstack Team

[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

I would like to be able to update any new columns to existing users in a CSV import if they have the same member.id
I.e. If I have all these users, but I want to add an extra column that I didn’t need before but would like to have now could I in the future import a csv with the new column and have it update in Memberstack?
So I don’t have to individually add in that column for each user or have to delete all of them and re-import them.


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    Duncan Hamra

    If you are excited about this feature please leave a 👍 and a comment explaining why this feature is important for your project. We read every comment and prioritize our roadmap with those comments in mind.

    This feature is not currently scheduled for development.


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