[Wishlist] Custom fields aren't great for repeating items (i.e. work experience, to-do items, rows, etc)

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  1. I want to store a repeating items (ex. the work experience section of a resume)
  2. Currently I have to create a unique custom field for every new item I want to store (ex. workExperience, workExperience_2, etc) and this process is manual both on the BE and FE (there is no 'add new work experience' repeater field functionality)
  3. Use free form text boxes and have unstructured data, use a portal like Glide (aka another user management solution), or do not ask for pieces of data that are suited for repeating fields and lower the value of my product.
  4. Repeater fields and repeater field groups with BE and FE support to automatically generate new fields or group of fields as the user adds a new repeater item. FE support probably means the duplicating of block with a special custom html attribute, where everything in that div would be repeated on the FE, and stored individually in the BE.
4a. In a perfect world the data from a specific section (all of their work experience in this case) would be available in the api/zapier response to be easily added to an email, doc, or any other type of workflow to share that data.



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