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1) The problem → I have a number of B2B and Organizational customers such as cities and municipalities that insist on paying via a snail-mail hard copy Check. When they do this I have to set them up with a free membership usually for a one-year term. Because they are now in a Free membership that means that I can't set their membership to automatically expire. So I have to maintain a separate calendar or system of reminders to manually remind them and to cancel or downgrade their membership 12 months from their sign up.
2) Why is this important → I don't want to lose any potential paying customer. I try to move them into paying via an online payment method so that I can get them into a paid Stripe membership but it doesn't always work. I want to keep it easy for my customer.
3) What's your plan B → Keep doing what I am. Manually entering them into a free membership and then manually cancelling them a year from sign-up. Possibly creating a series of Integromat scenarios to add them to a free membership and then cancel them?
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Expiring Free Memberships. Essentially let us have a toggle on a free membership tier to have it expire after a designated number of Days, Months, etc. This would be ideal for my situation.


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    Al Mazlin

    This would also be ideal for gift memberships. (Something I'm trying to figure out now :) 


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