[Wishlist] Free Trials Without a Credit Card Not planned

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Memberstack Team

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1) The problem → I would like to allow a user to sign up for a trial (no cc required) without requiring them to pick a plan until their trial is over.
2) Why is this important → I would like my customers to have a better experience by not requiring them to commit to both the trial and a plan.
3) What's your plan B → To continue using the free trial system in place until a better one comes along.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → A native integration that would allow me to offer trials without plan commitments.



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    Julian Galluzzo
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    For anyone wanting to do this, we did make a tutorial on how it can be done - while not an official feature, it works quite well https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/time-based-free-trials

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    Duncan Hamra

    If you are excited about this feature please leave a 👍 and a comment explaining why this feature is important for your project. We read every comment and prioritize our roadmap with those comments in mind.

    This feature is not currently scheduled for development.

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    Doc Waller

    Definitely something I'd like to see. There's something valuable about just getting that sign-up, and getting that email address (from user), right away. I know that some users see the need to put their credit card information in for a trial as a means for hesitation.

    I'm looking forward to implementing the memberstack trials without it, but would love to see this soon.

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    Bas Rijnen

    Very limited that this is not possible. Obviously nobody wants to put their CC information in for a trial. Would be a gamechanger to include this feature once again (i believe it was available in ms 1.0?).

    At this point i'm forced to create a workaround for free trials myself with custom code + custom fields & Airtable. 14 days after signing up for a free plan i restrict the content of my dashboard based on a custom field which is added, however it's quite hacky and it would be great if this is a ms native functionality.


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