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Sarwech Shar

Hey everyone!

We're building Nocodelytics, an analytics tool for Webflow, and just released an update that includes support for Memberstack 2.0.

How it works: once you've installed our tracking script, we automatically check if Memberstack exists on your site and will keep track of members as they sign up, log in and engage with your site. You can then see a timeline of their recent activity in Nocodelytics. 

Soon, we'll be integrating more closely with the Memberstack API to show you more detailed information about members, including signups, subscription information and more.

If you'd like to try this out you can join the beta here. There's a free 7 day trial but if you're enjoying the beta please let me know and we'll extend this!

For anyone using it - would love to know what you'd like to see next?



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    Duncan Hamra

    This is awesome!! Thanks for posting, Sarwech Shar 🙌

    I know this is going to be a game-changer for lots of people. Properly setting up analytics has been a huge pain point for us since the beginning. If this has been an option 5 years ago we would have used it in a heartbeat. Nice work.


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