[Wishlist] Payment Integration: Monero

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[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

1) The problem → I hear from certain customers to pay using Monero.
2) Why is this important → I want to support the payment gateways my customers want to use.
3) What's your plan B → To build a custom app with Monero integration.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Please enable Monero through CDPay, CoinPayments, CryptAPI, CryptoWoo, GloBee, Living Room of Satoshi, Monero WooCommerce Extension (PHP), MyCryptoCheckout, NOWPayments, SwirlPay, Vigla, or another payment gateway.


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    Atemporal Creative
    Hello, we can develop this integration for you. Just send an email with the subject to: atemporalcreative@gmail.com

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