[Wishlist] Memberstack Open Source Plug-ins

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Memberstack Team
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[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

(1) What should we build for you?
An open source marketplace for people to share projects, tutorials, UI's, etc. related to Memberstack. One-stop shop for all things MS.
(2) What problem will this solve?
I have cool stuff I want to share! I have used client work, personal projects, and knowledge that I want to share with the broader community. This could become a nice source of side-money and/or get my name out there. Plus its fun to help people!
(3) Why is this problem important?
There IS work required before and after Memberstack get's involved. The more we can do to reduce the time and energy it takes to launch a project the better. Plus, the most successful & high quality work will bubble up to the top.
(4) What's your plan B?
Do it myself, look for things in google, or ask the Memberstack team if they know anyone who has a project to share.



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