[Wishlist] Add support for billing anchors Planned

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[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

1) I need my billing on a specific day everyone month instead of just a monthly billing. Here's an example: I sign up on July 1 for a subscription that starts in August. We don't deliver until Aug 10. We don't want to re-bill for Sep. on August 1st before they've received their package. We want to re-bill everyone on Aug. 15th.
2) I ship physical products on specific times each month, so this would enable my business model.
3) I don't have a workaround. I would have to re-organize our tech stack and look at alternatives. Hundreds of box companies that might have come to this before.
4) Allow me to set a specific billing anchor and only bill for the first time when that day rolls around. There should not be a prorated initial charge when they signup.



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