[Wishlist] Remove Double Login & White-label Hosted SSO Pages Planned

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Duncan Hamra

1) The problem → Members sign up or login on my domain and they have to log in again to access my SSO integrations (Circle, Custom, etc.)

2) Why is this important → User experience is important to my brand and to me. I want there to be as little friction and opportunity for confusion as possible. 

3) What's your plan B → Require customers to log in twice... or build something custom outside of Webflow. 

4) Possible solutions we could build for you →  Allow customers to automatically be logged in when they visit my various sites and various domains. 


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    Duncan Hamra

    From the team 

    We attempted to remove the 2nd login but could not because of the Open ID Connect protocol.

    Essentially the issue is that members first log into your website on your domain, and then the circle SSO flow occurs on our domain. We can’t carry over the authorization between domains… 

    To be 100% transparent - There are possible solutions to this that we’ll explore at some point in the future (such as allowing you to add a custom domain to memberstack, etc.), but no solutions are scheduled for development at this time.


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