Progress - Thursday, Jan 19th and Friday, Jan 20th 2023

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Duncan Hamra
  • Added the ability to retrieve members by email in admin api, zapier and make
  • Add planName to member payload in API
  • Added new relic monitoring to all V2 services
  • Fixed an issue causing login/session issues
  • Added functionality that removes Memberstack branding if the app is paid. Gone from the Prebuilt modals and the SSO flow
  • Fixed an issue that was causing members to be displayed twice in the members table
  • Implemented performance improvements for member search
  • Added a hideCloseButton setting to the prebuilt UI’s
  • Users can now decide if they want members to be able to close the modals
  • The close button is now hidden during the SSO flow.
  • Invested a lot of time into optimizing AWS costs. We frankly are spending way more on AWS than we should be. Should be able to reduce the cost by half after confirming a few things with an AWS expert.
  • Started Auth0 / SSO integration article
  • Worked on Team member 2FA restriction
  • Debugged an issue a customer was having with infinite loaders in the dashboard
  • Update and refine the Getting Started page design.
  • Final testing on the onboarding UI cloneable (ready to document!)
  • Created a custom pricing contact form
  • Migrate 20-30 more relevant Circle posts into Zendesk
  • I exported all of the community slack messages  Now I have to make them readable… 
  • Worked on the new Job board UI Kit including: a Job search component and Job board UI



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