[Wishlist] Search capability in API. Filter in order not to retrieve all members but only a subset Not planned

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Memberstack Team

[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

1) The problem → one cannot retrieve just one or multiple members (by filtering eg. by email address etc.) from the memberstack api, only all members are returned though the /list endpoint.
2) Why is this important → in case you'd like to get information on one member, you always have to request the full list of members before you're able to filter for this member.
3) What will happen if this goes unsolved → we would be looking for alternatives as we deem such a feature (basic filtering of results via api) as important and would like to avoid always retrieving the full list of members as this gets quite expensive. We are using Zapier/Integromat heavily and have to build functions within Zapier which can handle a huge list of members efficiently.
4) Possible solutions → Just implement filtering for the "get member" api endpoint


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    Duncan Hamra

    If you are excited about this feature please leave a 👍 and a comment explaining why this feature is important for your project. We read every comment and prioritize our roadmap with those comments in mind.

    This feature is not currently scheduled for development.


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