How to check for a value stored in a custom form field?

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Vitaliy Gnezdilov

Hey guys! Hope the year is off to a great start for everybody. Been a busy one here, but I'm finding time to keep the ball rolling for my web app. Currently building a "Follow" function for user profiles.

For that, I need to conditionally hide a div based on a value that's is stored in a member's memberstack custom field. If it's stored, hide div. If it's not, show div.

What's the right way to write the 'if' statement in javascript so that I'm checking for a specific value (which is stored in the Webflow CMS) against the value stored in a member's memberstack custom field?


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    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey Vitaliy 👋 Good news, we recently wrote up an article which explains how to do just that. You might need to tweak the code a bit to show/hide, so feel free to ping me if you have any follow up questions.


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