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Emily Sauer


Apologies if this is obvious/already been asked, I couldn't locate in a quick search. Is their an easy way to give a member on a paid plan a free month? Say their trial ends and they input their CC, get billed for two months, and then win a free month.

I know this can be done by adding credits to their account in stripe, however, I am curios if their is an easier way/way to automate this process. This comes in to play even more when considering referral programs that give out free months.

I appreciate the time and any help you can provide!


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Emily 👋

    This is a great question! I think the best way to proceed is with Stripe coupons.

    If you want to give free access to a new customer you will need to give them a promotion code which can be applied at checkout.

    If you want to give an existing customer a free month, then you will need to apply the coupon via the Stripe dashboard yourself.

    I hope this helps!


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