Distinguish between new and upgrading member events (UI, webhooks, etc.)

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Memberstack Team

[This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]

1) I’d love an easier way to show messaging if a user has just upgraded from another plan versus if it’s the first time somebody is becoming a paying user. Right now the thank you page would be the same for both instances by default
2) It's important for creating a coherent user experience.
3) Right now I’m just going to work around this with some javascript. I’m writing JS to check for the source referral page, and if it’s the choose-plan page then I know they’re a first-time subscriber and if it’s the change-plan or whatever page they’re switching from another page
4) I am using a regular ‘Free’ default membership to gather user’s information before they choose a plan and then enter payment details…. so technically they are ‘upgrading’ when they are choosing a plan…
It would be cool to have some sort of better option to show pages based on whether or not a user just upgraded to a higher level account (e.g. or if they moved from any other membership level for that matter) versus if it was the first time they were actually subscribing.



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