Updating Emails in Stripe and in Memberstack Completed

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John Matias

Hey all!

  1. in MS1.0 when you updated the email address in the dashboard the email would also change inside of stripe. It doesn't appear that this is the case with 2.0. Can you please confirm and let us know if this is intended behavior? For my use case I had built some scenarios and flows that would update my CRM based on certain profile changes. I can refactor that but I don't want to do that if this is actually a bug and not intended behavior.
  2. I am also seeing that if you update the account email in Stripe that does not change the email address MS2.0 dashboard either. Is that intended behavior also? If Stripe is the source of truth for the customer account email shouldn't that update Memberstack? I'm trying to figure out how to make sure that I have changes reflected in all three of my key areas - CRM, Stripe, Memberstack.


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    Tyler Bell
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    Hi John, great questions!

    1. Updating an email via memberstack should update the stripe customer. I’ll investigate why this isn’t happening and will deploy a fix asap.
    2. We strongly discourage updating emails via Stripe. This opens up a wide range of edge cases that are difficult to handle. e.x. an email is changed via stripe and when memberstack tries to update the email is already taken by another member - now memberstack / stripe is out of sync, etc.

    Update: Done! It’s live now 🎉

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