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Stephen Essex

Hi all. I'm brand new to Memberstack and am currently assessing it for a large Webflow project. Our profile sign up would be a multistep (about 5 steps) with about 10 - 15 questions in each which I know is possible, but my main concern is that some of the questions would have a field-dropdown of - in some instances - 100 plus items (due to locations drop-downs and work type drop-downs). Therefore I'd like to know where does the content for the field-drop downs reside? On Memberstack or Webflow CMS's (which if the latter would make the project near impossible)?


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    Hugh Laverty

    Dropdown fields would normally live in Webflow, but not in the CMS - instead they're a 'Select' form element.

    For super complex signup flows, I recommend capturing the basics first (name, email, pass, cell etc), and then redirecting members to a Typeform or Reform to complete the remainder of their profile. That way you get conditional logic support too, which is super helpful.


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