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Adam Crooks


Any suggestions please on how to restrict companies from sharing login details?

For example, Company A sign up for a single account and then share the password with a team of 5 individuals.

Can anything be done with Memberstack? Some thoughts below (which may or may not be possible)

User B can't sign in if User A has not signed out.
User A is kicked out if User B signs in at the same time.

I'm B2B and it's bugs me I see multiple users from the same company using the same login details! Upgrade to the team account ya cheapskates! 😀

Many thanks in advance


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    Matthew Palmer

    Hi Adam! 👋

    The only workaround I can think of is by restricting access by IP address, but Memberstack doesn't offer that feature natively. It would require some custom code and a database that stores IP addresses. Writing this for the frontend is easy, but the database is necessary to protect the list of authenticated IP addresses. Otherwise, a malicious user could mask their own IP as an authenticated IP if they can get their hands on even one address.


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