[Wishlist] [✅ Complete] Manually Migrate a Member's Paid Plan Completed

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Memberstack Team

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1) The problem → I have a few free members who I want to migrate to a paid plan. I have hundreds of paying members who I need to migrate to a new paid plan.
2) Why is this important → I'm updating my pricing, and I need to switch all of my existing members to the new pricing.
3) What will happen if this goes unsolved → I'll probably build a custom solution when I change my pricing. Or I'll need to lock all of my legacy members out (while I keep charging them??) until they upgrade themselves to the new plan. Or I'll need to downgrade everyone and hope they resubscribe.
4) Possible solutions → Let me select one or more members - and change their current plan to a paid plan.
Members going from:
Free → paid are required to put a card on file and check out when they log in.
Paid → paid are automatically migrated to the new plan.



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    Duncan Hamra
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    This is now possible with Membestack 2.0. You'll need to manually update each member's plan individually via the Stripe dashboard. Here's how to do it

    I'm creating a new feature request for bulk updating members' plans

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    Duncan Hamra

    When switching from paid → paid there should be an option to prorate (or not)

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    George Kazakos

    Migrate Members Across Plans

    1. I can't move my members freely between plans.

    2. I currently need all my members on one plan due to the restrictions of our custom drip-feed coding. If we want to make changes to the membership plan (such as price point), we need to be able to transfer all users from one paid membership to another.

    3. Have multiple members manually transfer themselves (not ideal). Use promo codes to test price points (not ideal in regards to implied value).

    4. Allow me to grab multiple users at once and change their membership plan as often as I like! THAAANKS!
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    Josh Lopez

    Migration tool from competitors to Memberstack

    1. The problem → I am wanting to migrate from a competitor to Memberstack. I have all my members in stripe on paid memberships and want to migrate.

    2. Why is this important → I believe Memberstack is a better product with best-in-class support.

    3. What's your plan B → Cry myself to sleep. jk. I would have to cancel all of my old members and get them to sign up to Memberstack instead. This would be a real big pain point.

    4. Possible solutions we could build for you → A migration tool that allows customers to easily migrate from any competitor with paid memberships.

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