[Wishlist] User roles to access the Dashboard Not planned

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Memberstack Team
 [This post was migrated from our old community roadmap]
1) The problem → I would like to change the permissions under one team member, so it's not Admin (and loses access to billing and the team permissions), but I only get the Admin option in the dropdown.
2) Why is this important → I need support from a team or want to share with a client but don't want to give editing permissions to everyone.
3) What's your plan B → My current workaround is to have external spreadsheets automated for team members to look up.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → I think creating some roles and hiding information would be ideal.
Admin - full access as it is currently;
Members: Access only to the members list (to review, edit and delete members). Useful to have someone monitoring who sign up, if there are spam accounts, etc. (hides billing + invite + memberships + sales forms and fields, power-ups, design);
Members + Sales: Access to Members and Sales + Coupons (hides billing + invite + memberships, forms and fields, power-ups, design)
Builder - Access to everything except billing and invite
Billing - Access only to billing



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    Duncan Hamra
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    No ETA at this time. We would likely add very limited role types such as View-only or Member Management

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    Matthias Solberghe

    Memberstack User Roles / Permissions

    As I use Memberstack for multiple corporations, I want members off those corporations to access the Memberstack account in order to manage the members. I don't want them to be able to access the setup and the payments.

    I'm building a single platform that will cater to multiple corporations who each need their own environment. Each corporation has an account manager in charge of letting people become a member or remove them. Right now, if we give someone access to the Memberstack account, they can access all parts of the Memberstack account.. Including the payments where they themselves pay for.

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    Duncan Hamra


    Im just thinking through when handover to he client (who are zero tech savvy) and thought it would be good to strip away any non-essentials form the MS ui ie. components, dev tools, permissions etc and/or hide them in menu that they could access if need be.

    Just to leave them with a simple data-base management tool.

    Josh Lopez

    interesting idea! Would a new team member role with limited permissions work for this?


    Yeah – this would do it.

    But im considering the fact that, some owners will only act only as editors and member management but will also be owners/admin/bill-payers.

    So I see case for show/hide certain functionality under permission types.

    As they will be onwer/admins/bill payers but also will never interact with building components directly - and therefore the ability to also show/hide non-essentials in a menu may be a way to combat that…


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