[Wishlist] Japanese Yen (JPY) Currency Not planned

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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → I can't select JPY when picking a currency.
2) Why is this important → My bank account and/or customers are using JPY.
3) What's your plan B → Require everyone to pay USD or handle billing with another tool.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Add native support for JPY.



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    takumi kai

    I also hardly request this feature.

    I'm managing 150member ship community and my member pay over 40$ every month.

    JPY to $ is changing. So Members have to pay over the cost I suppose yen.

    I think Stripe has already this feature, so It's not hard for making ( I think.)

    Please conider this.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for your feedback! We'll continue to collect feedback on this, but do need to prioritize launching our new version of the product (2.0) to bring all our community a whole bunch of big upgrades & features. 😃

    We'll be able to focus on currencies again once we have that launched. Thank you!

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    Connor Finley

    I really hope this is coming before the launch of my site.. love how easy memberstack is to integrate, but I'm gonna have to use something else if my clients can't pay in their own currency.

    takumi kai I'm almost tempted to ask them to hire me just so I can fix the decimal issue myself. It can't be that difficult, especially when other services handle JPY billing just fine!

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    Duncan Hamra

    Completed as part of Memberstack 2.0 🎉 Just select the JPY currency when creating a price.


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