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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → I’ve created content for 12 weeks and user will see new content every week. Memberstack doesn't have a no-code feature for this, and I don't know how to code.
2) Why is this important → Dripping content is hugely helpful for retention and engagement. Right now, I have to give everyone access to everything right away.
3) What's your plan B → Hire a developer, try an LMS platform like Teachable, or deliver content another way. Like via email.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → Let me pick pages which should only become available over time. The time should be relative to the start date or relative to a day I choose.



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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    We are not planning a native solution at this time, however, it is possible using our Make integration or our Zapier integration to add free plans at regular intervals. 

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    George Kazakos

    This is a must for us!

    We're running online courses and it would be sooo much easier and cheaper if the membership had a drip content option.

    Building in a start date that the user can activate from their user page would be excellent.

    Also if there was an option to limit the window of accessibility on each drip section – eg, having the option for Week 1 content to either be available for the full 12 weeks / life, or to hide it from the user at the end of the week, therefore pacing them through the content at a prescribed pace.

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    Duncan Hamra

    George Kazakos: Awesome! A) Can you elaborate on "easier and cheaper?"

    B) Can you share an example of "A start date that the user can activate from their user page?"

    C) Last part makes total sense. I'm curious how you'd like to manage the links which point to member's only content. My first thought is for you to add all of the possible links, then Memberstack would disable any links that's aren't yet accessible...

    But a "perfect" solution would involve uploading content to Memberstack, in my opinion.

    D) What kind of content are you dripping access to? Would you like to store it in Memberstack, or do you like where it's at now?

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    George Kazakos

    Duncan Hamra: Yes sir!

    A) Easier and cheaper in the sense that we wouldn't have to hire a developer to write script. If it's something I can set up in Memberstack – selecting the timing of each section – that would be amazing.

    B) The idea is that the user can control when they begin their course.

    Let's say we have an 8-Week course, and the user is supposed to digest the content gradually over the course of 8 weeks, not rush ahead before they're ready.

    They may sign up for membership and log in on the 1st, but perhaps they don't want to start their course until the 8th, because it's more convenient for them.

    Rather than the user purchasing the course and having to start immediately on 'Day One', they can log in to their user dash and hit "Begin Course" whenever suits them. Effectively, they have control over when the drip feed is activated.

    C & D) Our online courses are mostly video content, which is stored in Vimeo and linked to our Webflow site. Vimeo is great, and Webflow is working well so far, so we're happy with that. (I personally don't see a benefit to storing content in Memberstack, unless it were more cost-efficient whilst providing an equal/greater quality of service.)

    Each step of the course has its own CMS page on the site. These pages are then dripped accordingly to the user. They log in to their member page, hit a "Continue Course" button and get redirected to the appropriate CMS page. Some days they have access to just one page, other days they may have access to over fifty – depending on what part of the course they are at.

    In my mind, I would use Memberstack to first disable access to the CMS (as we do already with members only content), then open access to specific pages within specific temporal parameters.

    For example;

    • How long after the time of activation does the page become accessible, eg. 'Day Four' of the course is accessible 4 days after the user activates the drip.
    • How long the is page accessible for, eg. 'Day Four' is accessible for 24 hours, before access is closed off and 'Day Five' is opened. Or, maybe the gate isn't closed on the content at all, so 'Week One' of the course is accessible indefinitely; 'Week Two' starts 1 week after activation and is also accessible indefinitely, and so on.

    I hope that all makes sense; I'm happy to further clarify any points.

    This also highlights the 'easier' aspect from point A), as this is the kind of long winded 'UX logic' conversation I have to have with my developer!


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    Duncan Hamra

    This is perfect! I'll reach out in the future as we're starting to work on this. For now, a custom solution is going to be the best way forward.

    Btw - if you need help finding someone to help build it, let me know!

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    Permanently deleted user

    Possible solution: 'Relative start dates' on gated content. Eg: Unlock this folder after 'X' (number) of 'unit' (days, weeks, months) from when a member signs up.

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    Ramkumar T

    Migrated from the old community forum

    Mateo_Niksic | Apr


    I’m interested if it’s possible to create drip content with member stack?

    I’d create content for 12 weeks and user will see new content every week.

    Chris Allen | Jan

    Hi Devon,
    I am looking to implement this solution into a course platform, I have added most the stuff in from the video and renamed according to my course topics, but still a little stuck on the data attributes for hiding and showing content.

    Would you be point me in the right direction from my setup?

    Also how do this then store the meta data in Memberstack?


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    Duncan Hamra

    User needing drip content



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