[✅ Complete] Display plan payments in multiple currencies Completed

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Memberstack Team
[Migrated from our old roadmap]

1) The option for customers to choose a currency to pay with.
2) We have international customers who need to pay in multi-currencies.
3) No plan B yet (apart from just selling in US) but it is not ideal as our product is for international market.
4) Will you be allowing for multi-currencies in Memberstack 2.0 or near future?

We love memberstack and hope that this is possible soon! :)
Many thanks


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    Duncan Hamra
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    This is now possible if you're willing to create each price/currency manually 🎉

    1. Create a plan
    2. Create a price e.g. USD
    3. Create another price for the same plan e.g. CAD
    4. Repeat. 
    5. Add a pricing table to your site with tabs for each currency. Use the appropriate data attributes to allow members to pay with the currency of their choice. 

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