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Memberstack Team
[Migrated from our old roadmap]

1) The option for customers to choose a currency to pay with.
2) We have international customers who need to pay in multi-currencies.
3) No plan B yet (apart from just selling in US) but it is not ideal as our product is for international market.
4) Will you be allowing for multi-currencies in Memberstack 2.0 or near future?

We love memberstack and hope that this is possible soon! :)
Many thanks



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hi Paul! Thank you for explaining

    1. How many currencies would you like to let them choose from? Are you imagining something with a few preset options or something super dynamic with as many currencies as possible? I haven't seen this done before, so I assume there are some good reasons why.
    2. 👍
    3. 👍
    4. I'll follow up with the team and let you know.

    I just realized Zapier isn't even charging in multiple currencies... they were at one point but it looks like they stopped I'll try to find out why

    Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to write this up! Talk soon.

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    Paul Weatherall

    Hi Duncan - Thanks for your reply. We have done a little more research and found that others working in the same space i.e linktr.ee are also only charging in USD.

    1. We'd like to charge in $, £ & € in exactly the same way Zapier have shown it. But actually allow the customer to pay in their local currency (rather than show conversions)

    Thanks for following up - and yes I agree there must be a good reason why these big businesses are only using 1 currency.

    Our only issue is that we are worried our customers might be faced with additional bank fee's for paying in a different currency. And although their USD bill will be the same on each invoice - their £ rate would change depending on the conversion rate each month/year.

    One idea we had was to setup 2 or 3 memberstack accounts. Each in their own currency. And then somehow deliver the correct membership buttons on 3 different versions of our website, using Geotargeting to show the relevant country page depending on their IP.

    However that would mean paying for 3 x memberstack accounts and probably a bit too costly for us being a very small start up.

    Thanks Duncan :)

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    Duncan Hamra

    Thank you! This kind of explanation is incredibly helpful We've experienced the same pain point with international hiring. It often feels unfair to the subscriber/employee to take the brunt of market forces.

    I know we'll be in a much better place to work on the problem in Memberstack 2.0.

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    Keiran Deck

    Hi Duncan, thanks so much for adding this to the roadmap. We are in a very similar position to Paul. We have global clients and would love to have them pay in their local currency. For example, we're based in Australia and we're currently rolling out an ad campaign in the UK. We have changed our currency to pounds for the campaign but our Australian audience is expressing concern at paying in Pounds and we're losing clients.

    Is there a timeline on this change at this stage?

    Warm regards,
    Keiran (secretninjaschool.com)

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    Liz Price

    For me, it would be great to just be able to create membership plans in different currencies on the same memberstack project. This seems like it would be much simpler than having the user choose the currency at checkout and having the same plan switch currencies.

    In this way, I could create a duplicate of each plan for each currency we want to offer, then the user could toggle the entire page of the website to the one that would link to the correct membership plan created in their currency.

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    Duncan Hamra

    Complete in Memberstack 2.0 🎉

    This is now possible if you're willing to create each price/currency manually

    1. Create a plan
    2. Create a price e.g. USD
    3. Create another price for the same plan e.g. CAD
    4. Repeat for each currency you want to support.
    5. Add a pricing table to your site with tabs for each currency. Use the appropriate data attributes to allow members to pay with the currency of their choice.


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