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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → I don't want to deal with serving content on my own, and I don't want to leave it sitting on my website/project.
2) Why is this important → My content is what I charge for, but it doesn't make financial sense for me to hire a developer to help me serve it.
3) What's your plan B → Hire a developer, work with another tool that offers this sort of functionality, or use something like Dropbox instead.
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → An easy way to upload content right into Memberstack. I want Memberstack to serve my content for me.



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    Duncan Hamra
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    We have plans to implement a "simple" CMS which can serve HTML, CSS, Javascript, and URLs securely. 

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    Dave Legion

    UPVOTE: as not sure where else to do place it...


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