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Memberstack Team
Humans have always evolved with technologies. With Computers we entered business, with Internet we entered communication, now with cryptocurrency we are going to enter a new payment system.
Memberstack needs to adopt and prepare for the future which is anything except fiat. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge are surreal technology for mankind.
This not only is useful for users but also for memberstack itself as it does-not need to rely on stripe and fiat anymore.
This idea has already been kickstarted by an opensource project which is https://unlock-protocol.com/
And they have a cloneable webflow site to check out : https://webflow.com/website/Integrating-Unlock
This could save both users and memberstack a ton of amount. For eg: Stripe + Memberstack combinedly charges 6% in total as transaction fees which makes it costly. If crypto's is integreated I'm still happy to pay the 3% to memberstack and the rest doesn't needs to go into the pockets of bankers.
I personally wish you guys to adopt Ethereum as from which you can do the following things:
  1. Launch a memberstack token/coin.
  2. Smart contracts for transactional fees and subscription.
  3. NFT for artworks and many more....
Your quote "One day, you won't need stripe to manage your sales..... is possible through blockchain the immutable ledger.
I don't want memberstack to be left out of the race as this community helped me in a lot of ways I'm just returning the favor. I really need you guys to give this idea a serious thought because its the future of global payments.


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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    We are not planning to solve this problem right now. The vast majority of our customers are using Stripe process payments, so we're going to stay focused on that for now. 

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